The Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association was formed over 50 years ago to support the political agenda of our party through grassroots organizing at the local level to help elect Democrats.

Membership is composed of the elected Democratic County Chairs in all 102 counties in Illinois. The strength of the organization is the grassroots efforts of thousands of elected precinct committeepersons who work in each county to provide the local party support structure for all Democratic officials, candidates and issues throughout the state. Canvassers going door to door rely on the IDCCA to provide talking points, walking sheets and the structural support to communicate effectively at the most local level.

The mission of the IDCCA is to build and lead a dynamic and sustainable Democratic organization that is a real partnership effort between County Chairs, precinct committeepersons, activists, labor and voters. We are committed to Democratic victories at every level locally, statewide and nationally.

The IDCCA is the go-to” political resource for accessing best practices, materials, tools and techniques for candidates in Illinois. The organization recruits Democratic candidates, provides volunteers, trains the County Chairs and Precinct Committeepersons, is a partner in the coordinated campaign, and provides organizational support for county and statewide Get Out The Vote operations.