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Rauner Failed Me – Dana


Rauner Failed Me – Dana @RaunerFailedMe For the past 25 years, I’ve worked with an agency that helps families with loved ones who have developmental disabilities access the services they need to build better lives. The people I work with are in communities that have been forgotten and left behind for decades— but they’ve been hardest hit by Bruce Rauner. We’ve never had enough money or the ability to provide everyone with the full and complete attention they deserve, but the budget crisis made my job next to impossible. I was tasked with trying to find service providers for people, [...]

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Rauner Failed Me – Corina


Rauner Failed Me – Corina @RaunerFailedMe I’m originally from Belleville, Illinois. I moved to Springfield in 2012 to pursue my career as a science teacher and my family has made this city home. I love my students, and I always work to build a real connection with them. I want them to know that their voice is heard and their voice matters. I’ve always prided myself as an advocate for the underdog, and right now that’s the public education system. Bruce Rauner’s failure to pass a budget has greatly impacted my ability to give my kids the tools they need [...]

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