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IDCCA President’s Message – March 2018


IDCCA President’s Message by Doug House, IDCCA President @ILDCCA @RICoDemocrats @Doug_Dem_House Project Blue Wave: The Start of a Tsunami? Friends – After the votes of the March 20th Primary Election are counted, Illinois Democrats cannot waste a minute in getting behind our nominees. We’ll all need to come together and work harder than ever to ensure a historic “Blue Wave” in 2018. From Congress to the Statehouse, if we fight like never before, the opportunity to claim massive Democratic victories is within our grasp. The same is true at the county level, where new Democrats are challenging incumbent Republicans for the [...]

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IDCCA President’s Message – February 2018


IDCCA President’s Message by Doug House, IDCCA President @ILDCCA @RICoDemocrats Political Correctness or Basic Human Decency – Under Attack Throughout the past two years, we’ve all heard references about Democrats having gone too far with political correctness. We’ve faced apologists who feel that racially charged or insensitive statements in conversation are insignificant. Words do matter. Look no further than our President who enjoys promoting his blunt, offensive demeanor. Each of us knows, inherently, when inappropriate statements are made. From one-on-one conversations, to the water cooler circle of pals, we can all do better. We must recognize that women and people [...]

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IDCCA President’s Message – January 2018


IDCCA President’s Message by Doug House, IDCCA President @ILDCCA @RICoDemocrats Let’s Get Going! It’s 2018! There’s no turning back. It’s 2018 and our chance to harness the enthusiasm for change is now more important than ever. Democrats throughout Illinois are motivated and engaged. And the IDCCA is building upon the remarkable growth and strength of the past two years where we’ve enacted our plan to recruit, organize and train Democrats and progressive-minded activists to build the strongest Democratic Party in every corner of Illinois. 2018 begins the third year of our three-year effort and, thanks to thousands of partners like [...]

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IDCCA President’s Message – December 2017


IDCCA President’s Message by Doug House, IDCCA President @ILDCCA @RICoDemocrats There is a lot to be excited about! I want to share with everyone all that has been going on and all that is coming up! This month we are excited to announce that we have added two fantastic Staff members to our team to build out our IDCCA organization for the 2018 election cycle. The first is our new Assistant Executive Director, Jillian Hawkins. She is a veteran of several campaigns and, along with her duties as Assistant Executive Director, will lead our women’s outreach. The second individual is [...]

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IDCCA President’s Message – November 2017


IDCCA President’s Message by Doug House, IDCCA President @ILDCCA @RICoDemocrats “The elections in Virginia and New Jersey were not a Democratic wave…. They were a tsunami!”                                      Tom Perez- National DNC Chair Our National Chairman sounded the battle cry signaling the resurgence of our Democratic Party! A trend that started in Illinois last spring with the victories in our municipal elections continued into this fall and there are now strong indications that this resurgence will continue well through the next election cycle. Victories in Virginia and New Jersey are now sending a clear message to Republicans that there is no [...]

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IDCCA President’s Message – October 2017


IDCCA President’s Message by Doug House, IDCCA President @ILDCCA @RICoDemocrats The 2018 Election cycle is well underway in every county in Illinois. You can see it in every county as volunteers are going door to door to get signatures to help get candidates on the ballot. The energy is infectious. You can’t help but feed off the optimism from a first-time candidate. Learning from the grizzled veteran as they masterfully walk their precinct pointing out where the Democrat doors are. Seeing an energized base of Democratic voters coming together to resist Bruce Rauner and Donald Trump. We know that the [...]

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IDCCA President’s Message – September 2017


IDCCA President’s Message by Doug House, IDCCA President @ILDCCA @RICoDemocrats Why I will cast my vote for JB Pritzker I was elected President of the IDCCA in 2015 on a platform based on my personal commitment to take back the Governor’s office in 2018. I have worked tirelessly to achieve that goal. A year ago, I asked the 102 Democratic County Chairs of our statewide organization to be patient and to wait before endorsing, to allow for a formal vetting to take place. It was important that we get to know our candidates and for them to get to know [...]

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IDCCA President’s Message – August 2017


IDCCA President’s Message by Doug House, IDCCA President @ILDCCA @RICoDemocrats Don’t Miss Out! Democratic activists and progressive voters are leaving nothing to chance in the 2018 Election Cycle. Preparations started immediately following the 2016 General Election. We are now mobilizing to resist Donald Trump and Bruce Rauner. We are evaluating and retooling our message. We are training, organizing and building our Democratic Party infrastructure. Even with everything we’ve done since last November, we are not where we need to be yet. Every one of us will need to do more if we want to stop the extreme agenda of the [...]

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IDCCA President’s Message – July 2017


IDCCA President’s Message by Doug House, IDCCA President @ILDCCA @RICoDemocrats Thank You! I am writing to ask each of you to reach out to those local state legislators that voted to end the budget standoff and thank them! The stalemate lasted far too long and inflicted far too much pain. Our state, like our country, is governed by an out of touch Autocrat that believes he has absolute power. We know that government simply doesn’t work that way. It has been a long and hard-fought battle to get this far and it is far from over yet. But I applaud [...]

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IDCCA President’s Message – June 2017


IDCCA President’s Message by Doug House, IDCCA President @ILDCCA @RICoDemocrats The Illinois Democratic County Chairmen’s Association is organizing like you have never seen before and at a pace that is hard to keep up with! The energy is undeniable and it is contagious! In large numbers, people in every County are getting involved. Individuals are organizing and going door to door to help return the control of government back to its citizens. As I travel around the state, it’s evident that energy is building. County Party events are setting records for attendance and donations raised. We are seeing first time [...]

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