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Rauner, SCOTUS underestimate the collective power of organized labor


Rauner, SCOTUS underestimate the collective power of organized labor by Pam Davidson, IDCCA At Large Executive Board Member, Knox County Democratic Party County Chair, President of UAW Region 4 Civil & Human Rights Council, UAW Local 865 Trustee, Knox County Board Chair, @KnoxCountyDems @UAW We live in a pretty sick state when our Governor celebrates a partisan, far right, activist-led Supreme Court that decides to reverse decades of national law to set the stage for slashing the incomes and benefits of millions of American families. It remains to be seen how the Janus v. AFSCME Council 31 decision will, in [...]

Rauner, SCOTUS underestimate the collective power of organized labor2018-07-15T13:52:48+00:00

An Argument to Protect Your PCs


An Argument to Protect Your PCs by Kristina Zahorik, IDCCA At Large Executive Board Member, County Chair of the Democratic Party of McHenry County, & State Central Committeewoman (IL 14th), @McHenryDems Every election cycle, campaigns battle it out for volunteers. And, one seemingly easy source is county Party precinct committeepeople (PC). The primary role of a county Democratic Party is electing Democrats; therefore, it would follow PCs are sought to be exclusive volunteers for campaigns. The truth is, exclusivity to a campaign isn’t the role of a PCs. PCs are volunteers for their county Parties and County Chairs should protect [...]

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Rauner Failed Me – Dana


Rauner Failed Me – Dana @RaunerFailedMe For the past 25 years, I’ve worked with an agency that helps families with loved ones who have developmental disabilities access the services they need to build better lives. The people I work with are in communities that have been forgotten and left behind for decades— but they’ve been hardest hit by Bruce Rauner. We’ve never had enough money or the ability to provide everyone with the full and complete attention they deserve, but the budget crisis made my job next to impossible. I was tasked with trying to find service providers for people, [...]

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Don’t be alarmed, but “men” are closer to being removed from state laws


Don’t be alarmed, but “men” are closer to being removed from state laws by State Senator Melinda Bush, 31st District, @SenatorBush Political parties aren’t exclusive to men. In counties and wards and townships throughout the state, women are leading the charge – in both parties. But for decades Illinois statutes have referenced “men” when it comes to party leaders. “Chairmen” are the titled leaders of political parties, at least according to Illinois law. The real party workers, those in the precincts, are referred to as “committeemen.” Earlier this year, I partnered with the IDCCA to advance legislation establishing gender neutrality [...]

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The Charleston Huddle – How We Became a Think Tank


The Charleston Huddle – How We Became a Think Tank by Ellen Wolcott, The Charleston Huddle It started with the Women’s March on Washington. Women, men and children came from all over the country to make a statement. For some of us, this was our first protest. We experienced a glorious day, and, yes, the crowd size actually did exceed all expectations. A few weeks later, the march organizers challenged us to keep going and suggested “huddling” in small local groups to follow a 10-week action plan. The Charleston Huddle was born, and we’ve been meeting every other week at [...]

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Rauner Failed Me – Corina


Rauner Failed Me – Corina @RaunerFailedMe I’m originally from Belleville, Illinois. I moved to Springfield in 2012 to pursue my career as a science teacher and my family has made this city home. I love my students, and I always work to build a real connection with them. I want them to know that their voice is heard and their voice matters. I’ve always prided myself as an advocate for the underdog, and right now that’s the public education system. Bruce Rauner’s failure to pass a budget has greatly impacted my ability to give my kids the tools they need [...]

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Gun Violence Prevention Legislation Moving through the Illinois General Assembly


Gun Violence Prevention Legislation Moving through the Illinois General Assembly by Colleen Daley, Executive Director, Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, @NoGunViolence The Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence is the oldest and largest statewide organization in the country working to stop the devastation caused by firearms.  For 43 years, we have been pushing for common sense gun violence prevention measures that will help save lives while respecting the Second Amendment. Gun violence prevention advocacy has been growing at a rapid rate over the last five years with more people getting involved and raising their voices than the movement has seen before.  [...]

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Dignity in Pay Act


Dignity in Pay Act by Ryan Croke, Executive Director of the Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living, @IllinoisCILs In America’s long struggle for worker’s rights and fair wages, one segment of the workforce has too often been left out of the discussion. Workers with disabilities represent a substantial (by some estimates, more than a fifth) portion of the population. They face staggeringly high levels of unemployment and underemployment. What’s worse – federal and state law allow employers to pay workers with disabilities less than the minimum wage. The well-intentioned law that allows for this was written in the 1930s, [...]

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#fortheWIN2018! A New NewFounders Conference


A New NewFounders Conference, #fortheWIN2018! by Jes Klass, New Founders Conference, @newfoundersHQ We’re proud and happy to announce that this year we will be hosting not only another NewFounders Conference, but a fundraiser, as well! Last November we hosted over 700 new leaders, entrepreneurs, thinkers, movers, and shakers for the ultimate meeting of the minds. We set out with a mission to bring together the new progressive ecosystem with tools to win elections, and that’s what we’re doing. So, what is a NewFounders Conference? It’s the opportunity to learn, grow, listen, and make a difference in a room of your [...]

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Social Media, A Necessary Evil


Social Media, A Necessary Evil by Jessica Ellison Thomas, @ActionMetroEast On April 5th, Southern Illinois Representative John Shimkus announced on Twitter that he was leaving the platform. Of the 32 comments that tweet received, all but two were negative. Some examples: "Yet another tactic to avoid communicating with your constituents. Your lack of accountability is shameful." - @AntoinePapadap "Are you going to be like Rodney Davis & turn your FB comments off too?" - @suzee_Q These comments make clear that people are upset and concerned at the lack of access to their elected officials. In this day and age of [...]

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