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Sharon Fairley, candidate for Attorney General


Sharon Fairley, candidate for Attorney General @FairleyForAG Illinois – and our nation – are facing unprecedented peril. To overcome it, we need experienced, principled leadership to defend our democracy and our hard-won rights. We have been through tough times before. I studied mechanical and aerospace engineering in college and obtained an M.B.A. after graduation. I spent years after that pursuing a career in business and advertising while also raising a family until the events of September 11, 2001. I wanted to get involved and help make a difference, so I went back to school at the University of Chicago and [...]

Sharon Fairley, candidate for Attorney General2017-12-12T10:49:08-05:00

Workers’ Compensation Reform Must Start with the Insurance Industry By Perry J. Browder


Workers’ Compensation Reform Must Start with the Insurance Industry By Perry J. Browder In 2011, at the urging of the state’s leading business organizations, bipartisan majorities of Illinois lawmakers approved a workers’ compensation “reform” law aimed at reducing costs for Illinois employers. It forced workers to forfeit long-standing rights in exchange for insurance companies being transparent with pricing and passing savings along to employers in the form of rate reductions. Unfortunately, the insurance companies have not held up their end of the bargain. Cries from Governor Rauner and his big business and insurance industry supporters for more so-called “reforms” will only [...]

Workers’ Compensation Reform Must Start with the Insurance Industry By Perry J. Browder2017-01-22T12:43:31-05:00

The Basics of Field By Tyler Power


The portion of the campaign that includes knocking doors, making phone calls, recruiting volunteers, and engaging the voters is the field program. There is no one way to write a manual on how to properly run a field organization for your campaign, but I am going to attempt to do just that. I plan on covering 3 of the main items that can lead to a successful basic field plan to help Democrats win the war on the streets. The first main pillar of a good field organization, and the foundation of your organization, are your volunteers and paid canvassers. Now [...]

The Basics of Field By Tyler Power2017-01-22T12:43:31-05:00

Announcing Go To Webinar


Announcing, Go To Webinar for our next general membership meeting We will have a new change for our next General Membership meeting. We will be streaming the meeting online through Go To Webinar. A couple of weeks before our next meeting each County Chairman will receive an email to register with Go To Webinar. You will then receive a log in and password to is specific to you. This log in and password is only for the County Chairman and should not be shared with anyone else. Only the County Chairman will have access to the online streaming of our meetings. [...]

Announcing Go To Webinar2017-01-22T12:43:32-05:00

Welcome Back to the Iroquois County Democratic Party


Illinois is one of the strongest Democratic states throughout the United States. We are only this strong because every one of our 102 County Parties is working in the same direction. Iroquois County is in the process of reorganizing their Democratic Party. The Iroquois County Democratic Party held an organizational meeting in early December. At that meeting, 3 surrounding County Chairmen attended and have offered assistance. Thank you to Al Klein (Champaign), John Reis (Livingston) and Frank Wright (Vermilion), Doug House (IDCCA President) and Dan Kovats (IDCCA Executive Director). Thank you to John Willard (Kankakee) and Ed Homeier (Ford) who have [...]

Welcome Back to the Iroquois County Democratic Party2016-01-11T13:49:00-05:00

Labor Issues Training By Sean Stott


Rauner’s Ransom The Illinois House has voted on Governor Rauner’s anti-worker, anti-middle class agenda 11 times now; and 11 times the House has overwhelmingly rejected it. No Democrat has ever supported the Rauner amendment. House Republicans have typically either voted “present” (a non- committal vote) or refused to vote. Rauner is holding the final pieces of the state budget hostage until legislators give in to his demands to hurt the middle class by: ????Cutting construction worker pay through elimination of Prevailing Wage Act coverage on local government construction projects; Allowing local governments to prohibit their employees from bargaining over pay, [...]

Labor Issues Training By Sean Stott2017-01-22T12:43:32-05:00

IDCCA Endorsements


Springfield, IL – On November 7, 2015 the General Membership of the Illinois Democratic County Chairman’s Association met in Springfield to discuss endorsements for the upcoming 2016 Primary Election. “It’s important that Democrats know who our organization is supporting and why we are going to work hard to get these individuals elected,” said IDCCA President Doug House. House added, “All of the candidates were qualified but former Secretary of State Clinton, Congresswoman Duckworth, and City Clerk of Chicago Mendoza stood above the others as the right candidates to lead the Democratic ticket in 2016.” Hillary Clinton is a native of Park [...]

IDCCA Endorsements2017-01-22T12:43:32-05:00