Nancy Rotering, candidate for Attorney General

//Nancy Rotering, candidate for Attorney General

Nancy Rotering, candidate for Attorney General

The people of Illinois deserve a strong, independent, principled advocate. As a candidate for Attorney General, I bring a lifetime of advocacy and a record of producing real results.

As a two-term Mayor and mother of four sons, I know how to get things done. During my first term in office, I shook up City Hall with a major reform of city government that resulted in increased transparency, accountability, collaboration, and ethics. I emphasized creating a culture at City Hall that regained the trust of our residents and employees.

It’s important to stand up for what’s right. I never back down from a fight. When northern Illinois residents suffered recurrent power outages, sometimes for days, we fought the utility companies. We held ComEd accountable – alongside Attorney General Lisa Madigan. I led the fight that resulted in $56 million in infrastructure upgrades. These days, the lights stay on, even when it storms.

I led the charge to pass one of the state’s only local assault weapons bans. In 2013, Illinois cities had a ten-day window of opportunity to consider passing an assault weapon ban. I felt strongly that this ban was an important step in the effort to address the heartbreak we continue to experience in the wake of Sandy Hook and so many other mass shootings. We fought the NRA all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and prevailed. Because of our ban and the results of the related lawsuit by the NRA, it is now constitutional to ban assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines in Illinois.

Unfortunately, Illinois law no longer recognizes that cities have this right. Recently, I wrote a letter to every member of the Illinois General Assembly asking them to consider changing the law to allow cities to have that conversation, to consider whether they want to allow assault weapons in their cities. The response? None. In the last legislative session, an opportunity to address illegal handguns on our streets and in our neighborhoods was supposed to come up in the form of gun dealer licensing legislation, something a majority of Illinois residents support. Some legislators said they wouldn’t address it until after petitions were filed for re-election. They feared being “primaried.” Seriously? An opportunity to take action to start addressing the gun violence issue in Chicago and the Illinois General Assembly is more concerned about their jobs than saving lives? I asked that question of them as well. No answer. How is that serving the people?

I believe progress is possible and am committed to making it a reality. A few years ago, I founded a community legal aid clinic that provides free legal services in the areas of immigration, domestic violence, and housing. When someone is at risk of losing their family, their home, their life, they need access to free legal services. The Clinic provides that immediate help. Our Dreamers are under attack by Donald Trump. The Clinic is where they turn for support for themselves and their families. In just a few years, the Clinic has had over one hundred volunteer attorneys, social workers and translators, and has processed more than four hundred cases. Progress is possible.

My dedication to public service spans decades. I serve on a broad range of civic and philanthropic commissions, boards, and committees including Planned Parenthood of Illinois. Before I was in office, I created an environmental advocacy training program for public school students. My record of holding big corporations accountable and cleaning up government is something we need now more than ever in Illinois. My background in business and law, coupled with my experience of taking action, will serve the people of Illinois well.

As Attorney General, I will be a powerful advocate, continuing my fight against the NRA to reduce gun violence, and taking on unscrupulous drug makers and online and offshore pharmacies to help curb the opioid epidemic gripping our state.  I’ll fight for criminal justice reform, and restore human rights and public safety to our impacted communities. I will take a stand against intimidation and injustice and punish those who subject people to fear and intimidation or sit idle as it happens.

Our state and nation face an uncertain future. We need an attorney general who will represent our values – within our state and challenging the detrimental policies of our President and his administration.  I am an independent advocate who has a proven record of results – experience in assessing a situation, accessing resources, and fighting for what is right. Together, we can move forward.

My name is Nancy Rotering. I ask for your support as Illinois Attorney General.