Kwame Raoul, candidate for Attorney General

//Kwame Raoul, candidate for Attorney General

Kwame Raoul, candidate for Attorney General

Fellow Democrats,

We’re at a pivotal moment. Every day, Illinoisans are under siege from attacks from Bruce Rauner and Donald Trump. And in this period of transition, we need an attorney general who will not only speak out against them but will get things done on our behalf.

I’ve spent my career securing victories on behalf of victims and the voiceless while producing real change in our justice system. As a legislator, I led the charge to pass the Illinois Voting Rights Act along with a constitutional amendment to protect voting rights, the law to expand the Affordable Care Act to cover more Illinoisans and worked with Attorney General Madigan on a law to protect victims of sexual assault. Recently, I’ve filed a bill to protect workers from violations of misclassification, prevailing wage, wage theft and minimum wage laws.

I’m the only person in this race who has stood toe to toe against Bruce Rauner and his Turnaround Agenda and won. As Chair of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee, I led the charge against Bruce Rauner’s insensitive workers’ comp and tort reform proposals which diminish the rights of those who seek to access their constituently guaranteed right to relief through justice.

My legislative career has centered around working to ensure that justice in Illinois is blind, never discriminating between city, suburban and Downstate, between brown, black and white or between rich and poor.

Now I’m hoping to continue that fight as your next attorney general. As a cancer survivor and the sponsor of the law which expanded the Affordable Care Act in Illinois, I’ll fight Republican attempts to take away Obamacare. As the sponsor of the Illinois Voting Rights Act, I’m working to end Illinois’ use of the Crosscheck program. And as a father of a young woman who’s headed to college, I’ll fight against Donald Trump and his education secretary’s efforts to eliminate safeguards to protect survivors of sexual assault on our campuses.

It’s that record that’s led to the endorsement of the Madison County Democrats early in this race and the Cook County Democrats weeks later.

When I replaced Barack Obama in the Senate, he gave me some important advice. He told me to take some time speaking and getting to know people from other parts of the state. During my 13-year legislative career, I’ve taken that advice to heart. I’ve traveled the state visiting mostaccioli dinners, pancake breakfasts and have spoken to many of you at the annual IDCCA County Chairmen Brunch. As a 3-time delegate, I’ve traveled together with many of you to democratic conventions and I’ve spoken to rooms full of democratic activists in your home counties about our shared goals for a better Illinois. And now, in the months ahead, I’ll be visiting many of your counties to talk about my vision for the Office of Attorney General.

See you on the trail.