NewFounders Conference, How to put resistance into action

//NewFounders Conference, How to put resistance into action


NewFounders Conference, How to put resistance into action
by Genevieve Thiers, @newfoundersHQ

There’s no doubt about it: the media coverage of the left has been grim. They talk about outdated leadership, unclear messaging, and limited funding. They lament on how ill equipped we are to win 2018.  But for the last six months, the next visionary generation of leaders has been quietly building the change we need.

Many of these tools and solutions built to change the party will be introduced at the NewFounders Conference on October 18 at UIC. Over 800+ visionary leaders, activists and thinkers are uniting to innovate some of our most major political systems. Leaders from Google, Microsoft, Apple, the Obama 2012 campaign are working alongside the founders of Indivisible, Women’s March, Emerge, VoteRunLead, and many more to re-build our party tools to win more elections in 2018 and beyond.

Tickets are on sale now for the conference, where you can see what has already been built and join directly in the change.

The NewFounders Conference will be TED-Talks meets Politics meets Start-Up Tech Company. And, they are working on the five buckets of change that will lead to electoral success:

How can we make voting easy?

How can we move past resistance into change?

How can we use social mapping connections to turn districts?

How can we ensure that the next generation of our leadership has the diversity of our people?

How can we break down silos in our data and promote sharing to win?

Who’s coming? Candidates are coming to the conference to engage at the top level with some of the most innovative teams to enhance their platform with transformative work. Consultants are attending to learn how our new tools can impact their work. Innovative activists and political volunteers are joining exciting leaders in the field to be part of the solution.

A conference packet is attached and the conference web site is  We’ve gotten you a special discount!  If you use promo code PARTNER, it’s 20% off the normal early bird price of $199.