IDCCA President’s Message – June 2017

//IDCCA President’s Message – June 2017
Doug House

IDCCA President’s Message
by Doug House, IDCCA President
@ILDCCA @RICoDemocrats

The Illinois Democratic County Chairmen’s Association is organizing like you have never seen before and at a pace that is hard to keep up with! The energy is undeniable and it is contagious!

In large numbers, people in every County are getting involved. Individuals are organizing and going door to door to help return the control of government back to its citizens.

As I travel around the state, it’s evident that energy is building. County Party events are setting records for attendance and donations raised. We are seeing first time volunteers coming out every day looking to help get Democrats elected in Illinois. You cannot help but feel the momentum that is building in Illinois. Whether it is in McDonough, St. Clair or Whiteside Counties, we are growing like we have never done before.

The enthusiasm is also evident in the number of candidates surfacing to run for public office.  In previous off year elections, Congressional candidates were often slow to surface and faced major up uphill battles. It does not appear that we will have that problem this year. Numerous candidates have announced in EVERY district to challenge the incumbent Congressional Republicans!

The IDCCA and the National Democratic Training Committee also hosted our first ever Candidate Boot Camp! Over 70 candidates from around the state came to Springfield for three days of training from campaign experts. These are candidates that are running for everything from Congress to Village Board. It is exciting to see this kind of enthusiasm from our candidates. Thank you to the NDTC for hosting this wonderful event with us.

All this enthusiasm is wonderful but it does not alone spell victory for our Democratic candidates in 2018. In several races, we will have a contested Primary Election before we have a chance to face off against the Republicans. We will have several difficult tasks before then including:

  1. Listen to the Voters and hear what they are saying and learn from it.
  2. Nominate a candidate for Governor that can communicate and share a Democratic Party vision with our citizens for fixing our state budget crisis.
  3. Continue to recruit and train thousands of volunteers to fill vacant precinct committee positions and to assist us with our efforts.
  4. Mobilize and organize our volunteers by county for door to door canvassing, phoning and messaging efforts.

If we are going to building off of the successful Municipal Elections this past April, we must maintain our energy within our base. We must be listening to and communicating with our voters regularly. That is the only way we can affect the change that each of us knows we need to in Springfield and in Washington DC.

The IDCCA is prepared to meet these challenges and is working hard every day to accomplish them. We appreciate your support in the past but we need each of you to step up a little bit more. Challenge yourself and become a precinct committeeman, a candidate, a volunteer, a financial contributor. If you will step up to join us in this effort, I know that there will be no stopping the amount of success that we can achieve together.