Bob Daiber, Candidate for Governor

//Bob Daiber, Candidate for Governor

Bob Daiber, Candidate for Governor

Illinois has been operating without a state budget for nearly three years.

In that time, the state’s credit rating has been downgraded eight times, the backlog of unpaid bills has surpassed $14.5 billion, more than 1,500 employees at public universities and community colleges have been laid off, and countless social service providers are struggling to keep their doors open as they wait up to seven months to receive payment from the state.  And now that Gov. Bruce Rauner failed to reach a budget agreement for the third consecutive fiscal year, the costs and consequences of this unprecedented partisan gridlock are going to get significantly worse.

The challenges we face in this state are insurmountable, and I decided the only thing I could do is roll up my sleeves and help.  I have been helping people my whole life as a teacher for nearly 30 years, and I want to do just that as your next Governor for the State of Illinois.  I was raised with the values of paying it forward to the next generation and creating ways that would lead to a better future.

As your next Governor, I promise to get a budget passed.  I am committed to working to get our financial house in order.  Not only am I a proud husband, and father of two sons, but I am an educator, a farmer, passionate about my community, a taxpayer, and a voter.

I am running to bring stability to the economic condition to the Land of Lincoln.  Illinois must have a budget to attract business and uphold its responsibility to all entities that provide state services.  I will work to layout a clear plan to resolve the back log of bills, improve the state’s bond rating, and adequately fund education.

With my strong passion for education, full funding of education (K-12) will be a high priority of my administration.  I do not support pro-rating general state aid to pay other bills.  To improve the quality of our schools, we must first see that they receive 100% of funds that they are entitled prior to making adjustments on the current formula.  If the money is not available to fully fund at this level, it will not be possible to begin another system that may be viewed as more equitable for districts with lower equalized assessed evaluations.  It will also be my goal to return higher education to a 2012 funding level to stop the brain drain in Illinois of students leaving to attend out-of-state institutions.

Furthermore, as Governor, I will work to bring about greater efficiencies in state government by eliminating duplicate administrative roles in my immediate appointments.

As a candidate for governor, I favor reforming our current tax structure.  While I support a progressive income tax schedule, I realize that immediate attention needs to be given to the state’s revenue problem.  In saying that, I realize a slight increase may be necessary on the current tax rate to begin stabilizing the debt.  The interest tax payers pay each day is eating away at revenue that is needed for necessary programs such as education and social services.

Likewise, I will uphold the rights of working men and women to collectively bargain their work place contracts.  On March 21, I signed a pledge that I will not sign Right-to-Work legislation in Illinois.   Rather, I will demonstrate how strong Labor-Management relationships can yield safe and profitable industries.

I also support Illinois passing an Equal Rights Amendment to more fully recognize the rights of women in the workplace.

My candidacy will work to develop an atmosphere of comprise and collaboration to relax the extreme polarization that exists between the legislative and executive branches of government.  Government must work for the best interests of all citizens, not for special interests.

For 22 years I have served in public office as a local elected official.  These years of experience have instilled in me a working knowledge of government which is closest to the people.  Policies which I will promote and adopt will strengthen revenue for local government and not impair their ability to grow and prosper.

I also have a proven record as an advocate for labor.  I have been a union member for a long time and in each capacity you learn about governing.  Governing is an art.   Part of governing is being able to collaborate and understanding compromise, and learning how to work with others.  That is a key thing for a Governor in this state.  You must understand how the legislative process works, which are some of the ways I am prepared to be our next Governor.

I also believe my plan to lead the state’s financial house to a healthier path can happen with restructuring the Illinois tax system and a progressive tax could help Illinois’ budget deficit.

I support pension plans and everyone getting one pension.  We have to support the pension system to make it whole.

I also come from a heritage of Illinois agriculture families.  My experience in regional planning for residential and business development has helped to better serve the communities.  Each and every year agriculture brings revenue and I will promote and support Illinois farmers, too.

Not only is it a pleasure to work and meet the great people across the state and travel across the regions of the prairie land, but it is a privilege.   My only hope is that we will work together as a party and bring back the needs of Illinois voters first.