Alex Paterakis, Candidate for Governor

//Alex Paterakis, Candidate for Governor

Alex Paterakis, Candidate for Governor

Rauner, a wealthy private equity investor, ran for governor as a Republican in 2014 on a populist pledge to “shake up Springfield” and “bring back Illinois.” After two years, four months he’s done neither, leaving destruction in his path. And rather than bringing back Illinois, Rauner has torpedoed any progress it. Illinois has been unable to pass a full-year budget during his tenure. Yet this “expert negotiator” has done nothing but call CPS teachers illiterate, Mike Madigan corrupt and thinks he can bully his policy through the general assembly.

In paying for day-to-day operations Illinois is now spending approximately $17 million a day more on average than it receives in taxes and fees. This has caused the backlog of unpaid bills to grow to nearly $12.8 billion, not including approximately $800 million in late-payment interest penalties that have accrued. The estimate of our worst-in-the-nation unfunded pension liability has risen under Rauner to $130 billion from $105 billion.

Each of the three major credit rating agencies has downgraded Illinois twice since Rauner was inaugurated, continuing a long slide that’s making it ever more expensive for the state to borrow money.

Public colleges and universities have been hard hit in the budget crisis and are getting destroyed by the rating agencies. The schools are accordingly cutting programs, staff and days of operation. This is what the Republicans want. They want cuts, by not funding a budget, they are reducing the size of government without legislation. This hurts our families both young and old whom are now having to struggle for their basic human rights, education and healthcare. But there is hope, we can defeat the Trump loving Governor that feels that making his friends rich is better than helping those less fortunate.

To make Illinois Prosperous once more we need to:

  • Reduce the crippling Tax Burden on families, freezing any property taxes increases
  • Issue a balanced budget that is fair to the Middle Class
  • Provide protections and opportunities for the Middle-class, Blue-Collar worker through reforms to strengthen Unions and an increase to the Minimum Wage
  • Pass criminal justice reform and refocus resources from prisons to rehabilitation programs, and social and mental health services
  • Increase funding to K-12 education and childcare
  • Spreading the wealth across the state and not only to Chicago
  • Legalize the sale of Cannabis, with tax revenues funding educational programs

Rauner’s supporters are in a perpetual dudgeon about  House Speaker Michael Madigan, whom they blame for every irresponsible act of fiscal stewardship in Springfield since the mid-1980s.

In truth, Illinois has had Republican governors for 20 of the 32 years that Madigan has held the speaker’s gavel.

I will not reference Bruce Rauner as “Governor Rauner” anymore. He does not deserve the title. We will fight “Governor” Rauner and his Republican colleagues locally and nationally to save what makes this country and state great….. its people.

Born in 1987 in Skokie, Alex has been a resident of Illinois his entire life. Alex attended Adlai E Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire IL. A Structural Engineer from Purdue University, Alex is also an entrepreneur and small business owner. Alex’s passion for Civil Engineering allowed him to work for construction companies that have helped improve the Illinois highway system. In 2011, Alex started 2 companies that he has shaped into businesses that serve the local community, support and hire veterans and create jobs in the local economy.