Illinois Comeback Agenda

//Illinois Comeback Agenda

Dear fellow Democrats,

Over the last few years, we’ve had a Herculean task ahead of us in Springfield: standing up to Governor Rauner’s anti-worker, pro-CEO agenda. And despite all the money and all the rhetoric he’s thrown at us, we’ve stood tall. It makes me proud to be a Democrat — and your support on the ground has been critical in our successful resistance.

Starting last fall, a group of us legislators put our heads together and started thinking that we wanted to do more. We’ve been successful at saying “no” to Rauner’s Turnaround Agenda, but we want to tell people what we think is wrong in Illinois, and how we as Democrats propose to fix it.

Of course, our party has great answers to those questions. If we want to fix Illinois, we need to advance policies that will put our people ahead of the CEOs. Good jobs, a living wage, great public education from birth to college, and a budget that funds the services we need.

To that end, a group of 20 of us in the House and Senate put our heads together and came up with the Illinois Comeback Agenda. It’s a bold agenda, broken down into five areas. In each category, we’ve got several statements of principle, and one bill we’re working to advance this session in the legislature. Read the full plan at our website:

We think it’s a pretty important and powerful set of ideas. But for this agenda to have an impact on the discussion in Springfield, we need people to know about it. We’re hoping you all can help us spread the word to Democrats around the state: our party has a vision, we have a plan, and we’re working to make it happen.

I’ve made a short video explaining what the Agenda’s about, which you can share: You can direct folks to the Agenda website ( Or, maybe most importantly, you can discuss this with your friends, colleagues, fellow volunteers and organizers and community leaders. Tell them we’ve got a plan.

Bruce Rauner will spend the next eighteen months trying to paint our party as obstructionists who are standing in the way of his sensible reform agenda. If we want to beat him, we need to send the message that we have a clear vision of the kind of changes our state needs. We know things are broken in this state. We know people are struggling.

Let’s tell the people of this state that if they entrust us with their votes, we’ll accomplish some real reforms, the kind that will make it easier to live and work and raise a family here in Illinois.

Thanks for your help,

Will Guzzardi
State Representative, 39th District, @WillGuzzardi