IDCCA Response to 10 leading healthcare groups opposing the AHCA

//IDCCA Response to 10 leading healthcare groups opposing the AHCA

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May 1, 2017

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IDCCA Response to 10 leading healthcare groups opposing the AHCA

Springfield, IL – On Monday, May 1st, ten of the leading healthcare groups in America released a statement opposing the American Health Care Act ( Illinois Democratic County Chairmen’s Association President Doug House released the following statement ahead of this week’s anticipated Congressional vote on the AHCA.

“When I have a problem with my car, I trust my mechanic to tell me what’s wrong. When I’m sick, I trust my doctor to fix what ails me. When some of the largest health care organizations and professionals in the world tell me the Republican healthcare plan will make America sicker – I think we ought to listen.”

House also said “No member of Congress from Illinois should support a plan to allow insurance companies to discriminate based on pre-existing conditions again.  We urge Republicans to consider the mounting opposition from leading healthcare organizations and to recognize their expertise when saying this legislation penalizes Illinois families rather than helps them. This extreme proposal would devastate ordinary Illinois families, raise the cost of health care, and strip Illinois’ economy of billions of dollars it desperately needs.”



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