Rauner, IL GOP Continue to Distract Voters from Series of Failures

//Rauner, IL GOP Continue to Distract Voters from Series of Failures

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March 30, 2017
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Rauner, IL GOP Continue to Distract Voters from Series of Failures
Rauner and GOP pursue non-existent claims of financial recklessness against State Comptroller’s used car, despite signs of hypocrisy and misdirection

Springfield, IL – The Bruce Rauner-funded Republican Party is continuing to pursue baseless attacks on State Comptroller Susana Mendoza for buying an Illinois-made used car for appropriate state government use. The Illinois Democratic County Chairmen’s Association slammed Rauner in February for his hypocrisy after failing to pass a state budget, spending 54K dollars on a luxury SUV from funds earmarked for the State Troopers, and ignoring the outrageous fiscal mismanagement of Donald Trump. IDCCA President Doug House reiterated Governor Rauner’s hypocrisy and condemned this latest attempt to distract voters from the GOP’s failed budgets that continue to impact the lives of Illinois citizens.

“It’s especially rich that he breathlessly attacked Comptroller Mendoza for purchasing a used vehicle for pool use when he bought a brand new $54,000 SUV for his own use out of funds earmarked for State Troopers,” President Doug House of the Illinois Democratic County Chairmen’s Association stated in February.

Regarding Rauner’s latest attempts to change the subject from the Illinois budget crisis, House said “Rauner has dug Illinois into a deep hole and every day he continues to dig deeper. He should end his petty political games and stop actively blocking attempts to fix the crisis he created.

Funds for the luxury SUV for Governor Rauner’s use came from a fund that is supposed to pay for the Illinois State Police. The starting salary for a State trooper is $57,000 – about the cost of the Governor’s sweet new ride.

House continued to blast the Rauner-funded Republican Party for its hypocrisy on fiscal matters.

“Where was the Republican outrage when Governor Rauner hired Donna Arduin, a $30,000 a month budget consultant that couldn’t pass a budget? What about giving his “wingman” Leslie Munger a new job as Deputy Governor that pays $135,000? And hiring her whole patronage army of nearly 30 people at a cost to taxpayers of $1.8 million? How about Donald Trump’s weekly golf trips to Florida – an amount spent on his family in just one month that President Obama spent over an entire year? How about funding full time political operatives to take stalker like videos of lawmakers?”

“The Bruce Rauner lead Republican Party is bankrupt of credibility when it comes to fiscal matters,” said House.

Finally, House defended Comptroller Mendoza’s service to Illinois to fix the mess she inherited.

“Unlike her predecessor, Comptroller Mendoza has stood up to Bruce Rauner. She has not kowtowed to his bully like demands and the Governor doesn’t like it. She has made it clear that she is putting Illinois families first and not big businesses with lucrative state contracts. Governor Rauner is, and always has been, looking for someone else to blame for his failures,” said House.


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