Congressman Roskam’s efforts to repeal ACA

//Congressman Roskam’s efforts to repeal ACA

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March 29, 2017
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Illinois Democratic County Chairmen’s Association President Doug House
statement on Congressman Roskam’s effots to repeal ACA
Roskam’s double – down on repeal of the ACA will leave more than 700,000
families without affordable coverage they need

Springfield, IL – Congressman Peter Roskam is leading the charge to bury Paul Ryan’s failed American Health Care Act. Roskam is quoted as saying attempts to revise the failed American Health Care Act are “short-sighted,” and instead “write a bill that epitomizes Republican ideals,” regardless of whether such a bill would have Senate support.

Following Rep. Roskam’s remarks about a Republican replacement for the Affordable Care Act, President of the Illinois Democratic County Chairmen Association, Doug House, condemned Republican-led opposition to accessible and affordable healthcare. Chairman House states:

“For over 8 years and more than 50 votes – we’ve watched Republicans in Congress and Donald Trump consistently oppose improving our healthcare system, and instead work to dismantle it entirely,” said House. “Last week Donald Trump and the House Republicans failed in their pursuit to give tax breaks to the wealthy, defund Planned Parenthood, and provide fewer people with health care.”

“Under the Republican’s recent failed plan—in the 6th Congressional District—over 41,000 people could lose health insurance. Since the ACA was implemented, the district’s uninsured rate has gone from 7.6 to 4.7 percent, and 17,800 individuals receiving tax credits to help them purchase private insurance would lose out.”

“If the Republican’s recently failed plan had been implemented more than 41,000 people would have lost health insurance in the 6th Congressional District. It’s time for Peter Roskam to start working to make healthcare more affordable and accessible.”

Chairman House’s sentiments were seconded by Chairman of the Kane County Democratic Party Mark Guethle, who reiterated that the proposed GOP plan would cost more money and give less tax breaks than the ACA:

“Peter Roskam and the Republican’s plan for healthcare is just a tax break for millionaires and billionaires,” said Mark Guethle, Chairman of the Kane County Democratic Party. “Instead of making healthcare more affordable – this does just the opposite. In Kane County, we’d see folks over 60 who make $40,000 have their plans cost nearly 40% more.”

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