IDCCA President’s Message

//IDCCA President’s Message
Doug House

IDCCA President’s Message
by Doug House, IDCCA President
@ILDCCA @RICoDemocrats

Something great is happening!

There is a new awaking of civil disobedience. Young and old are getting up off the couch to join the resistance and go out into the streets to show their dissatisfaction with the policies of the Trump administration. People are literally “Mad as hell and they are not going to take it anymore”. When only a few short months ago, you could not get anyone to take their face out of their phone long enough to make eye contact and say hi to their neighbor, today people are meeting with strangers and uniting to stand against a Republican force that is dividing our country along all lines.

This new energy and motivation is opportunity and it must be embraced by our Democratic Party Chairmen and Chairwomen across the state. We must include these activists and their activism in all the things we do. We must welcome them into our central committee meetings. We must include them into our social media. We must be open to the new energy and we must celebrate them because they are our present and our future.

If we do not catch this wave as it passes through our shared history, we risk losing our relevance as Democratic leaders. We must engage with our old and new allies that make up this movement so that we can better understand it, so that we can help it to grow and foster its momentum into 2018.

I understand that I am asking many of you to get outside of your personal comfort zones but you need to know that we are playing catch-up because individual progressive movements and organizations are forming outside of our party structure at a pace previously never seen before. We need these groups to join us and we need to attend their meeting and teach them how to mobilize candidates and advance their causes because we need them and they need us.