Illinois Democratic County Chairmen to Conduct Straw Poll

//Illinois Democratic County Chairmen to Conduct Straw Poll

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January 23, 2017
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Illinois Democratic County Chairmen to Conduct Straw Poll
Online Poll to be First Measurement of Democratic Preference in
Race for Governor

Springfield, IL – Springfield, IL – The Illinois Democratic County Chairman’s Association announced that from Monday January 23rd to midnight on Sunday January 29th, it will conduct an online straw poll of its members and Democrats who join the organization via online submission to measure their preference for whom Democrats in Illinois should nominate for Governor.

The straw poll results, once tabulated, will be released to the public the following day on IDCCA’s website and social media channels. The straw poll will run from 10:30am on Monday January 23rd until midnight on January 29th.

“After two years of disastrous management under Governor Rauner and with the impending presidency of Donald Trump, Democrats must offer a positive vision to voters and draw their attention to the numerous well-qualified and exciting candidates who can lead Illinois into a better future,” said IDCCA President and Chairman of the Rock Island County Democrats Doug House.

The straw poll will be the first of its kind in Illinois to express the preference of activists, elected party leaders, and volunteers in all of Illinois’ 102 counties.  IDCCA intends to conduct several more polls to continue drawing attention to the Democratic primary race for Governor.

The candidates included in the first straw poll are (in alphabetical order):

  • State Senator Daniel Biss
  • Congresswoman Cheri Bustos
  • Congresswoman Robin Kelly
  • Chris Kennedy
  • State Senator Andy Manar
  • Alderman Ameya Pawar
  • J.B. Pritzker
  • State Senator Kwame Raoul
  • City Treasurer Kurt Summers

“Since November, there has been tremendous energy and desire among the people to find a way to fight back.  IDCCA and its members across Illinois are prepared to play a leadership role in harnessing this enthusiasm and preparing it for our eventual nominee,” said House.

The straw poll voting will occur via the web at:

The straw poll will be monitored by staff to prevent duplicate or fraudulent voting. Submission of an identifiable and valid email address and an Illinois zip code are the only requirements for membership in IDCCA and for the vote to be counted. This straw poll is not scientific and should not be construed as an accurate measurement of public opinion among Democratic primary voters.

The Illinois Democratic County Chairmen’s Association is a state wide, grassroots Democratic political organization. It is made up of the elected Democratic County Chairmen in all 102 counties in Illinois. The mission of the IDCCA is to help elect Democrats in each county while continuing to grow the Democratic Party in the State of Illinois. Rock Island County Chairman Doug House is the President of the Illinois Democratic County Chairmen’s Association.