IDCCA 2017 Training Plan

//IDCCA 2017 Training Plan

IDCCA 2017 Training Plan
by IDCCA Executive Director Dan Kovats
@ILDCCA @dankovats

Part of the long-term plans of the IDCCA is that there are no longer any off years. We are planning extensive training statewide starting this month. We will be focusing on two main areas of training. Precinct Committeemen Training and Votebuilder Administrator Training.

The Precinct Committeemen Training will continue like last year. Our goal will be to hold at least one training a month throughout the state. This training will include What are the duties of being a Precinct Committeemen, how to influence voters (depending on location), basic Votebuilder training, Get Out The Vote training and a guest speaker.

The next focus will be on Votebuilder Administrator training. We will be asking all County Parties to send at least one person to these trainings. There will be six trainings statewide throughout the year. This training will cover all the bells and whistles that each local Votebuilder Administrator will need to assist Precinct Committeemen and candidates. We will then be asking these local Votebuilder Administrators to schedule training in their home Counties that we will help promote.

We are also in the planning stages of something I hope will become a yearly resource from the IDCCA. In late Spring, we are planning on hosting a Candidate Bootcamp for any 2018 County Wide and County Board candidates. We are partnering with the National Democratic Training Committee to bring in some of the most experienced campaign staff in the US. This training will teach candidates how to go from campaign plan to Election Day. This event, like all the IDCCA training, will be free to attend.

You can check out the IDCCA website at for training dates and locations.