Training Democratic Activists

//Training Democratic Activists

Training Democratic Activists
by Steve Drucker, Democracy Now: Talk it or Lose it

As I watched the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia I was filled with a sense of pride and inspiration. I was proud of our Country and proud of our Democratic Party. Listening to President Obama and Secretary Clinton speak renewed my passion and commitment to the Democratic Party. I am ready now, more than ever, to do my part to help us reach and persuade voters to get Democrats elected throughout Illinois.

For two years I have been providing training to different County Parties and organizations throughout Illinois. Recently I have partnered with the Illinois Democratic County Chairmen’s Association to be a presenter during their Precinct Leader Training. My training is meant to enhance previous Precinct Leader training. We know that we have to knock doors, register voters and get yard signs out. When we are knocking on doors, what do we say and how we say it can make the world of difference in getting that Democrat to show up to vote.

The Republican Party has a sense of arrogance that they are the patriotic party. They believe that if you are not a member of the Republican Party that you somehow love this country less. We have let the general public believe this myth for too long. Now we are facing the electoral challenge of a lifetime with Donald Trump and Bruce Rauner. It is crucial that we not only start knocking on doors as “We the People” but to show voters that the Democratic Party is, by far, the more patriotic Party.

First Lady Michelle Obama had one of the greatest Conventions speeches I have ever heard. One line stuck with me from her speech. “When they go low, we go high!” It brought the Convention to their feet. I swear I could hear the roar of the delegates all the way in my home in Mercer County and in my bones. This simple statement is the core of my training. We Precinct Leaders need to understand and empathize with voters. Only then we can persuade them to our cause or candidates.

“Democracy Now: Talk it or Lose it” training focuses on understanding, empathizing, persuading voters without argument and connecting from the heart. Learning and using these skills will help everyone from a grizzled political veteran to a newly appointed Precinct Leader. Once you are able to put these skills into practice I am positive that you will see an increase in Democratic votes in your precinct.

I am hopeful that each of you is interested in learning more about this training and how it can impact your County Party. Any County Chair that would be interested in scheduling a training session should contact me at I will also be active in the upcoming IDCCA Precinct Leader trainings.

I hope that you will join me.