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Hillary for Illinois
by Greg Bales, Illinois State Director, Hillary for America
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It’s a surreal time to be in politics, indeed.

Hillary Clinton just made history by accepting the Democratic party’s nomination for President, while the other side of the aisle offers a caricature instilling fear and presenting America as weak and in decline.

Make no mistake: Donald Trump is not a serious man. But he is running a decidedly serious campaign, one replete with racialized prophecies of doom and gloom should he not occupy the Oval Office come January, 2017.

As Democrats—and, to be quite frank, as Americans—we have an obligation to do everything in our power to ensure that Trump never steps foot inside the gates of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. And our work must begin here, in Hillary’s home state, with decisive, concerted, and consistent action until the last poll closes on November 8. Hillary Clinton knows that we are stronger together – America is at its best when we work together to solve our biggest challenges – and we are going to take that message all the way to the White House.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Greg Bales, and I’m currently taking leave from Sen. Dick Durbin’s office to serve as Secretary Clinton’s Illinois State Director. Sean Rapelyea, who has been with Mayor Emanuel’s Office of Legislative Counsel and Government Affairs since 2011, will be working alongside me for the duration of the campaign as our state’s Political Director. As we approach these crucial final three months before Election Day, we’d like to give you all an update on how our campaign organization is taking shape.

We start this campaign in Illinois with a lot of advantages, but a lot of work to do from now until Election Day. In the interest of efficiency, we’ve already brought additional staff on board to build out an early operation in Hillary’s home state.

We are building a strong grassroots campaign in Illinois that will defeat Donald Trump in November.  We plan to work for every voter and with our coordinated campaign to elect Democrats up and down the ballot across Illinois. We are looking into sharing proprietary information like our crucial voter data collected during the primary and in elections before, and with a robust digital and social media program in the state, this information could have a wide ranging impact on local races. And we are looking into sharing tangible resources like office space, volunteer shifts, and events. These are moves that will help both our campaign and those down-ballot to ensure that Democrats come out ahead in November and for elections to come.

There are many ways for you to get involved in our operation here in state. Pretty soon we’re going to start opening offices and hosting events with surrogates that we’d love for you to join. Have a big network of friends and colleagues that want to get involved? What about joining our grassroots fundraising program and hosting a low-dollar events throughout the state? We can help get you a fun surrogate, and it is a great way to be involved without having to make a huge financial investment. We’ve seen the power of small dollar donations: they add up. Just take a look at Barack Obama or Bernie Sanders.

And of course, we’ll be coordinating intermittent events to keep local press abreast of campaign developments, to spread out our organizing capacity and bring new supporters into the Illinois Democratic fold.

If your county can host volunteers at an office or some other volunteer location, please let us know. Contact me, Greg Bales, at 312-890-2176 or by email at gbales@hillaryclinton.com

We hope you will join our campaign, because we need your help.  Together, we can keep the White House in Democratic control, win back the Senate by electing down ballot campaigns, and elect more Democrats from Illinois to the United States House of Representatives.


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