Votebuilder Updates

//Votebuilder Updates

Votebuilder Updates
by Ken Kimber, Voter File Coordinator, Democratic Party of Illinois

The Democratic Party is excited to announce a few additions to Votebuilder that will help users navigate and target better. Users now have access to a sidebar and new scores for the 2016 cycle. In addition, at the end of this article there will be a minivan review.

Sidebar contains a list of about 30 shortcuts predefined by VAN. Users can hide or collapse bucketed categories within Sidebar. We believe users are going to love the ability to navigate to pages without returning to Main Menu. However, Sidebar can be hidden by clicking the small ‘hamburger’ icon to the left of the logo and it will remain hidden throughout the user’s session. No changes are being made to Main Menu at this time and we hope to introduce additional customization features for Sidebar in the future.

Scores are models of behavior that are created from historic data, demographics, self-identification, consumer data and polling that are used to predict future outcomes. We will continue to refresh the scores periodically. All scores have values between 0-100, where 100 indicates a person is more likely (to do an action) or support (an issue) and a 0 indicates an individual is less likely (to do an action) or support (an issue), and can be used with Create a List. A list of available scores with definitions is provided below.

  • Voting Preference

O 2016:DNC Dem Party Support v2 – Probability that an individual supports the National Democratic Party.

O 2016:DNC General Turnout v2 – Predicts how likely an individual is to vote in the upcoming general election.

O 2016:DNC Ideology – Predicts an individual’s ideology between conservative and liberal.  For this score instead of support, the score is measuring how conservative (0) versus how liberal (100) a person classifies themselves.

  • Demographic

O 2016:DNC Income – This Score ranks the likelihood of an individual being wealthy (100) compared to others in the state.

O 2016:DNC CollegeGrad – Predicts if an individual has a college degree.

O 2016:DNC KidsinHH – Probability that an individual is living in a household with children.

O 2016:DNC Marriage – Probability that an individual is married.

  • Religion Scores *NOTE* All Religion scores have values of 0-4

O 2016:DNC Catholic – How likely a voter is to identify with being Catholic.

O 2016:DNC Evangelical – How likely a voter is to identify with being Evangelical.

O 2016:DNC OtherChristian -How likely a voter is to identify with being another Christian denomination.

O 2016:DNC Non-Christian – How likely a voter is to identify with being Non – Christian.

  • Volunteering

O 2016:DNC Volunteer Propensity v4 – probability that an individual will volunteer for a democratic political campaign

MiniVan allows you to load walk lists created within Votebuilder onto your smartphone for paperless canvassing. You can send lists to a User’s account from Votebuilder or you can enter the numbers from printed lists while accessing the app through your phone. Once you are finished canvassing, you can save the data in Votebuilder and not have to do any data entry. To use minivan, you need to have a Voterbuilder account and the app downloaded on your smart phone. Minivan is available in the iTunes and Google Play store. For information on how to use minivan or for a copy of the complete manual please contact me at