IDCCA Executive Director’s Message

//IDCCA Executive Director’s Message
Dan Kovats

Executive Director’s Message
by Dan Kovats, IDCCA Executive Director

These are crazy times that we are living in. Reality television celebrity Donald Trump has officially wrapped up the Republican Presidential nomination. Prominent Republican leaders throughout the country are endorsing the Donald. Governor Rauner and US Senator Mark Kirk have both stated that they will support Trump but now they conveniently will miss the GOP National Convention.

In Illinois we have now entered an unprecedented 12th month without a State budget. Governor Rauner continues to talk out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to this stalemate. One minute he is talking about how he is willing to compromise with House and Senate Democrats. The next minute he is demonizing our elected Representatives and Senators for not doing what he wants. Governor Rauner believes that compromise means the Middle Class and Organized Labor gives up everything we stand for and he takes.

Now Governor Rauner is finishing up a campaign tour of Central and Southern Illinois where he is attempting to pit Downstate against Chicago. He is hoping that voters ignore the fact that it’s his misguided agenda that is destroying these Downstate communities. True to GOP form, Rauner is pointing the finger at someone else and telling voters that we shouldn’t blame him for the massive cuts in social services. Rauner would like voters to believe that it’s not his fault that unemployment in Illinois is the highest in the nation. Rauner believes that he can turnaround Illinois as long as the Democrats abandon our core beliefs.

When we are talking to voters we need to be communicating the message that the Democratic Party will not abandon our core beliefs. We cannot let the Republicans control the narrative that they are trying to improve our state and the Democrats are unwilling to compromise. We are in the situation we are in right now because of Governor Rauner. He believes that government should be run like a business. Meaning that everything must be cut in order for the CEO and his friends to make a hefty profit.

Multiple polls have shown that voters are laying the blame for Illinois’ problem at Governor Rauner’s feet. County Chairmen and Precinct Committeemen need to carry this message to every voter we talk to. As the local representatives of the Democratic Party, we cannot let Rauner’s lies go unchallenged.

We can also point out that the Illinois Constitution requires that the Governor submit a budget for consideration. Rauner still hasn’t done that. The Illinois Constitution also give Rauner the authority to line item veto spending to balance the state budget. Instead Governor Rauner has been vetoing any legislation that is aimed at helping the Middle Class. His actions are more like a child not getting his way instead of those of a successful business man. Every day I am thankful to all of the Democrat Representatives and Senators who continue to fight for what we believe in.

Now back to my report on the day to day operations of the IDCCA. The month of May was a busy one for the IDCCA. In mid-May our organization held it’s biennial organizational meeting and elected our Executive Board for the next two years. Congratulations to the current Executive Board members who were reelected to another term and welcome to our new Executive Board members. I look forward to working with each of you.

The IDCCA also held our annual Springfield Reception. This was a special night for our organization as we had three excellent speakers address the capacity crowd at DH Brown’s. CJ Baricevic (candidate for the IL 12th Congressional District) spoke about why he is running and fighting for Southern Illinois. Chicago City Treasurer Kurt Summers fired up the crowd as he talked about the need for everyone to work together now that we have a common enemy. After some time away from politics, former Congressman Glenn Poshard spoke about why it is important that the Democratic Party continues to fight for what we believe in.

The day after the Springfield Reception the IDCCA took part in, along with over 10,000 of our friends in Organized Labor, a massive rally aimed at reminding Governor Rauner that he is hurting Illinois. I was very impressed with the number of Union brothers and sisters that came out to this rally. Each of the speakers talked about how Governor Rauner’s misguided Turnaround Agenda are actually hurting their communities. Our friend, William McNary from Citizen Action Illinois, wrapped up the rally with one of the most passionate and fired up speeches that I have ever heard. If you haven’t seen it, head over to the IDCCA Facebook and take a look at the videos posted.

We also held our first training in Springfield. Thank you to the 50 plus Precinct Committeemen who attended from Logan, Macoupin and Sangamon Counties. I have more of a report on the training later in the Newsletter.

Within the next couple of weeks, we will be releasing more information about the upcoming Chairmen’s Brunch in Springfield. It is shaping up to be one of the biggest, so you will definitely want to keep an eye out for that information. As always if you need anything or if you have any questions about the IDCCA, please reach out to me and let me know. Thanks

Dan Kovats, Executive Director