IDCCA President’s Message

//IDCCA President’s Message
Doug House

The State of the IDCCA
by Doug House, President of the IDCCA

The state of the IDCCA has never been better! The plans mapped out by our Executive Board, past Presidents, and our Executive Director have come together. A short list of accomplishments quickly demonstrates how quickly we have been moving and just how successful we have been.

  1. Hired a new Executive Director Dan Kovats
  2. Developed a three-year plan of party building for the IDCCA that prepares us for the fall general election, the 2018 Governor’s Race and beyond
  3. Published the first IDCCA monthly Newsletter to share issues and Party building strategies and techniques
  4. Established partnerships with Organized Labor, the Democratic Party of Illinois, the Illinois Senate Democratic Victory Fund, Illinois Democratic Women, Young Democrats of Illinois, College Democrats of Illinois and countless others
  5. Held meetings with Party Leadership and key partners in Springfield
  6. Partnered with professional fundraisers Nancy Kohn and Christina Nowinsky to expand our fundraising potential
  7. Held meetings in Chicago with key elected officials and political leaders
  8. Held the first ever IDCCA Chicago Fundraiser this past March
  9. Met with County Party Chairmen from throughout the state to share the IDCCA vision and to make our organization a true statewide organization
  10. Held meetings across much of the state appearing at Central Committee meetings, labor rallies, union meetings, the College Democrats of Illinois Convention, spoke on various college campuses, organized events that promoted and celebrated the diversity in our party
  11. Raised IDCCA visibility in social and print media while drawing attention to the hypocrisy of Governor Rauner

Are we ready?

That was the cry of the newly elected Vice President of the College Democrats of Illinois Jack McNeil as he gave his acceptance speech. It is a good question and one that all Illinois Democrats should be asking ourselves. The answer of course is that you can never be “Ready Enough” but we know we have come a very long way in a short time and there is much more to come before the November General Election including;

  1. May 17th Spring Fundraiser at DH Browns in Springfield
  2. May 18th the IDCCA is a cosponsor of the “Rauner is Wrong” Rally in Springfield
  3. We are expanding our staff by bringing on a Communications Intern that will start later in May. We are going to raise the visibility of the IDCCA and each County Party. We will focus on taking the Rauner agenda and his “Race to the bottom”.
  4. Continuous backfilling of the remaining vacant precinct committeemen across the state
  5. June through August- provide continuing training across the state for all chairman and committeemen
  6. By mid-August we plan to hire and position field staff in targeted areas across the state to be directed by the IDCCA, with local guidance from party chairman, for party building and GOTV purposes
  7. On August 18th the IDCCA will host our annual Chairmen’s Brunch. This year we will be back at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield!
  8. Provide support for all of our Democratic Candidates from the Court House to the White House.

As you can tell, we have an aggressive party building agenda and we are moving it forward to grow the IDCCA every day! Thank you for your help.

Doug House
IDCCA President