IDCCA Executive Director’s Message

//IDCCA Executive Director’s Message
Dan Kovats

The national Republican Party has done the unthinkable. They will be nominating a candidate for President who is a failed businessman and reality television star. A few nice things you could say about Donald Trump is he is a racist, bigot, sexist and xenophobic person. This is a man who tries to incite violence at his events and has done his best to silence any of his critics. This is the individual who Governor Bruce Rauner and US Senator Mark Kirk have said they would support in the General Election. This is what the Republican Party has come to.

How do we respond to this? The only way we know how to. We are going to knock on doors, we are going to phone bank and we are going to make sure that we get every Democrat out to vote in November. Donald Trump will have a tremendous negative effect on EVERY race in Illinois. Republican candidates will have to answer for everything Trump has said and will say on the campaign trail.

Even though the Democratic Nomination still hasn’t been decided, we must unite as a Party for the good of the Country. If we are divided as a Party, we can assure that Donald Trump will be the next President. He will gut the Affordable Care Act, he will severely diminish our country’s diplomatic ties around the world and he potentially could appoint several Supreme Court Justices.

Make no mistake though, we are in for a battle. Donald Trump has defied all conventional political wisdom during his campaign. Comments that would have been campaign killers saw him get several bumps in his poll numbers. So even though both Democratic candidates are posting double digit polling leads against Trump, we must work together to make sure that Donald Trump is not our next President.

The IDCCA has been busy in the last month as we prepare for the upcoming summer campaign season. On May 14th, the IDCCA will be having our next General Membership meeting in Springfield. All County Chairmen should have received this notice via email. We are also working to raise money for our three year plan. The next part of our fundraising plan is our May 17th Springfield Reception. There is more information in the rest of the Newsletter and I hope that you will join us.

We have also begun working with partner Democratic and Organized Labor organizations throughout the state. I recent spoke at the College Democrats of Illinois State Convention and we are working with them to help build their organization while supplementing our organization. The IDCCA goal is to get as many of our partners to work together in the same direction.

We have also begun planning our largest event of the year, the IDCCA Chairmen’s Breakfast. We will be releasing more details in the coming weeks and this year’s event is shaping up to be one of the biggest ever. We are planning out the upcoming IDCCA Trainings and we hope to roll out more information in June about these events. We are also in the final stages of putting together our regional media strategy that will begin in late May.

If you are planning on attending the IDCCA Springfield Reception on May 17th, I would like to invite you to stay in Springfield for another day to attend the Rauner is Wrong Rally on May 18th. It is being hosted by a great organization called Illinois Working Together. It will start at 11am at 5th & Washington in Springfield. The Rally will march to the Governor’s Mansion and then to the State Capitol. This will be a great opportunity to let Rauner know that what he is doing to wrong for the State of Illinois. I hope that you will join us.

I would also like to congratulate all of the newly elected County Chairmen throughout the state, including the 21 brand new County Chairmen. I am looking forward to working with each of you during your terms in office. If you ever need anything for your County Party or if you have questions, please reach out to let me know.

Dan Kovats
Executive Director