College Democrats of Illinois Executive Board

//College Democrats of Illinois Executive Board

The College Democrats of Illinois met a few weeks ago and elected a new Executive Board for the upcoming year.

Joe Gorski(Illinois State) President
Jack McNeil(DePaul) Vice President
Nick Albano(DePaul) Political Director
Scarlett Winters(Loyola) Communications Director
David Evers(Loyola) Finance Director
Zachary Braun(Illinois State) Legislative Director
Calvin Anderson(Northwestern) Membership Director

Message from CDIL Executive Board: “There’s never been an election with more distinct and crucial differences between the candidates as this one is set to be. With key races at the top, as well as targeted local races, we are beginning to mobilize to make sure our local chapters are equipped and connected to their County parties. We will be opening lines of communication like never before, and look forward to working with you all to build a stronger Democratic Party throughout the state. ”


2016-2017 College Democrats Executive Board