The IDCCA and the National Campaign Training Committee

//The IDCCA and the National Campaign Training Committee
Jaylin McClintonJaylin McClinton

The IDCCA and the National Campaign Training Committee
by Kelly Dietrich

The National Campaign Training Committee (NCTC) is excited to announce a partnership with the IDCCA to offer every Democratic candidate in Illinois access to free online campaign training, including those running for down-ballot offices, such as city council, school

board, judge, or first time candidates in big races just getting started. The training is expected to roll out in late Spring.

The NCTC and IDCCA are committed to working with local candidates elect more Democrats to office, but also to improve the performance of every Democrat on the ticket, and create a deeper bench of qualified candidates for higher office in the future.

Candidates will be granted access to the NCTC online campaign school where they may take lessons on demand, 24/7, as often as needed throughout the cycle. Classes are free and the NCTC trainings are available for any Democrat or progressive candidate.

Access will be granted via an in-kind donation of $100 which needs to be reported according to the campaign’s relevant campaign finance laws.

The online campaign school places an emphasis on self-reliance, relationship building, making data driven decisions and crafting a plan to meet the goals needed to win. The courses cover every aspect of a campaign: field, fundraising, media and management. Classes are video-centric, each taking about 30-45 minutes to complete. Each class includes templates, examples and downloads. Classes are interactive, with candidates encouraged to post or email questions directly.

While every race is unique, the strategies and tactics available to them are not. The NCTC teaches candidates how to adapt and customize these to meet the goals they need to win.

Click here if you’re interested in learning more about the NCTC or to pre-register for access to the training when it launches.