IDCCA Executive Director’s Message

//IDCCA Executive Director’s Message
Dan Kovats


Can you believe the excitement in this room?

That was the question that I was asked the most on March 21st. We had a packed house at our first ever Chicago Reception at the Hubbard Inn. There were so many people there that a half hour into the Reception you could barely move. I was truly impressed by the hard work of the Executive Board and our fundraising team to pull off this event. This was the first step for the IDCCA in our three year plan and it was a big one.

I would like to thank some of the individuals who made our Chicago Reception possible. Thank you to President House for his leadership and his determination to make this event happen. Thank you to Nancy Kohn who was the driving force behind the event and who made sure that we were able to reach our goal for the event. Thank you to our Host Committee and to our sponsors who believe in the vision and direction of the IDCCA. Thank you Michael Carrigan, President of the Illinois AFL – CIO, and to Organized Labor who were significant supporters at the event. Thank you to Liz Nicholson for her support and guidance. Finally, thank you to the IDCCA Executive Board for your unwavering support as we chart a new course for the IDCCA. The Chicago Reception was a resounding success and I’m proud to have played a role in it.

With the Chicago Reception and the Democratic Primary behind us, we must focus on getting to work. On April 13th each County Party will host their County Convention to elect their leadership for the next two years. Each County Chairmen has been sent a memo outlining some “best practices” for conducting your County Convention. If any County Chairmen have any questions or concerns prior to their County Convention, please let me know immediately.

County Chairmen will also be receiving two memos from the IDCCA. The first memo will outline the procedure on how to appoint candidates to the ballot for the November General Election. The second memo will outline the procedure on how each County should elect Delegates to represent their County Party at the State Democratic Convention.

Two of the major parts of the IDCCA three year plan will go hand in hand. The first part will be the recruiting of Precinct Committeemen for open precincts. County Chairmen will be receiving a memo outlining the procedures on how to appoint individuals to become Precinct Committeemen. If we are to stand a chance to fight back against Governor Rauner then we need every precinct in every County to have an active Precinct Committeeman. While the recruiting process is ongoing, the IDCCA will be hosting updated training sessions throughout the state.

The training sessions are important for every Precinct Committeemen to know what their duties are and where we need their help. We are in the process of planning out the training sessions but I am happy to announce that the IDCCA will be partnering with the National Campaign Training Committee to provide the training. We will be structuring the training to provide need to know information on Precinct Committeemen duties, what you should do and say when you knock on a voter’s door, basic Vote Builder training, Voter Protection, social media, Get Out The Vote and many other important topics. The training sessions will be a day long and will be organized by Congressional Districts (outside of Cook County and the Collar Counties).

We will also be working with several of the IDCCA Newsletter Campaign & Issues training writers to create an IDCCA Speakers Bureau. These individuals will be attending the IDCCA Trainings, County Party meetings and Democratic organization meetings to assist with providing training. The Campaign & Issues training will continue to be a part of the IDCCA Newsletter and we are looking to expand upon that in the future.

The last thing I want to mention is something that has been developing over the last several months. At the Chicago Reception President House told supporters that the IDCCA will be organized, trained and vocal in our opposition to Governor Rauner. I’ve already covered how we are going to be organized and trained. But how will we be vocal in our opposition to Governor Rauner? By developing a regional media strategy! I don’t want to give to many details away but we are in the process of developing a strategy based on the media markets throughout the state and the media within each County. We will be bringing on staff to assist with this strategy and we will be reaching out to the County Chairmen within the next month to implement this strategy.

These are exciting times for the IDCCA and I am proud of the work we have accomplished. But there is still work to be done. I’m ready to get to work and I hope you are to.


Dan Kovats
Executive Director