IDCCA Executive Director’s Message

//IDCCA Executive Director’s Message

Dan Kovats


We all know that importance of communicating in politics. The ability for everyone to be on the same page is vital when it comes down to crunch time in an election. Communications is also vital in building up a County Party and the IDCCA. That is why I have been sending out as much information as possible to each of the Chairmen about any information regarding the IDCCA. That is why we are in the process of revamping our website. My goal is to be able to provide resources to each of the County Chairmen so that they can continue to build stronger County Parties.

It is a work in progress but I would encourage each of you to visit our webpage at Our website will include information like media resources (video training and press releases), monthly newsletter, the 2016 Democratic Ticket (broken down county by county) and information regarding the upcoming 2016 Chairmen’s Brunch. We also have a comprehensive event calendar for everyone to access. If your county has a meeting or fundraiser for any candidate, please email me about it and I will get it posted.

Communication is also vital when it comes to carrying our message in each of our counties. We need to engage our local media and not be afraid of them. Later in this newsletter we have an entire section devoted to communications with the media. Each County Chairman should have a media contact list and we should be inviting the media, even smaller newspapers, to our County Party meetings. After our meetings we should be engaging the media about local issues and the fight each of us is in against Governor Rauner. We should also be encouraging our candidates to speak with the media. Even 20-year County Board Members should have a good relationship and be ready to talk to the media. We should have Letters to the Editor ready to go on various issues and we should have Precinct Committeeman willing to submit them.

You might want to know why we would want to open ourselves up to the media and their questions? You might be concerned about the infamous “gotcha” question that reporters can be known for. We need to get past this apprehension in order for us to deliver our message. I have believed for some time that nationally, as a Democratic Party, we have done a poor job with our message. To many times we are willing to let the Republicans say flat out lies about our issues or candidates. To many times we have believed that we don’t need to respond to these lies and we let the Republicans get away with saying them. This needs to change immediately.

We need to start taking the fight to Governor Rauner. In the next couple of months each of the County Chairmen will be receiving talking points from the IDCCA and from Organized Labor. These will be talking points that we will want each of you and each of your candidates to start using. One of the best ways for us to use these talking points is when you are talking to the media. Free media exposure is one of the best ways for us to reach voters and to get our message out. This will also help us respond to the lies from the Rauner Administration. It will also show that we are standing united as a Democratic Party and standing united with Organized Labor.

My background is in field operations and I thoroughly believe that door to door communication is the best. News articles and press releases are just as valuable because they can reach just as many voters. With a strong door to door program and the County Chairman / candidates staying on message with the media, we can directly start to challenge the lies that the Rauner Administration is throwing at us.