President’s Message

//President’s Message

Doug House - President ILDCCA

Doug House, President ILDCCA
Chairman, Rock Island County Democratic Party

We Democrats have our battles. We certainly do in my home county of Rock Island and we do in our state. In fact, I would say politics in our region is a full contact sport and not for the faint of heart.

John Gianulis, the longest serving President of this organization often could be heard espousing the first commandment of our party. “Never Speak Ill of a Fellow Democrat”. It is a short statement he used that seems simple enough but it covers so much more than simply not calling attention to another Democrats short comings.

Recently, there has been a more negative tone amongst fellow Democrats. This is not uncom- mon to hear as a primary season draws closer. People will choose sides, work hard and be- come invested in a particular candidate. The discourse of “if candidate X doesn’t win then I won’t vote for candidate Y” or “if candidate Y doesn’t win then I won’t vote at all.” Really? Would Donald Trump or any of the other dozen Republicans Presidential candidates be better than any one of the 3 Democratic Presidential candidates? Of course not!

We must remember that the Democratic Party is a big tent. We accept multiple points of view and we fight for our causes. As we enter 2016 we should remember this and not forget the lessons we learned from pre- vious elections. Fighting amongst ourselves only strengthens the Republicans.

2016 is a year that holds so much promise for Democrats in our state and we should not lose sight of the prize. Let us remember that any of our candidates are better than the Republican candidates. Our candidates come from different backgrounds but they all come from a position of compassion for others, supporting the right for employees to organize and bargain in the workplace, better educational opportunities for everyone, and they support access to social and economic justice for everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or infirmity.

Democrats stand for something bigger than each of our selves or our officials and our candidates. We must remember that as we work as hard as we can until the March 15th primary that we don’t lose sight of who the real enemy is. Bruce Rauner and the Republicans! They get up and go to work every day to eliminate the essential protec- tions, access and services of our state and our country. They are not for less government; they are for no government.

Many of these electoral trends can be reversed and the Republicans policies stopped if we remain united and focused on our resolve. A good friend recently reminded me that in 1990 the Democrats held 6 of 8 Congressional seats downstate. Now Demo- crats only 1 of 6 seats. Democrats also held both US Senate seats. Now Democrats only hold 1 of the 2. As recently as a year ago Democrats held the Governor’s Office. I hope you get the point. If we don’t unite behind our candidates it will hurt us from the top to the bottom of the ticket.

We have many great Democratic leaders with in our state and an excellent group of new leaders on the horizon. This is not a battle we can be divided on, there is a time to work for our individual purposes and visions and that is in the run up to the March Primary.

I ask you to join myself and the IDCCA now to unite in a common cause to stop the Rauner Turnaround Agenda before it’s too late. Primaries are a healthy thing for our Party. Let’s remember though that we are all Demo- crats and we should “Never speak ill of a fellow Democrat.”

Doug House President



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