Executive Director’s Message

//Executive Director’s Message

Dan Kovats - ILDCCA Executive Director

Dan Kovats, Executive Director ILDCCA


I hope you are getting excited about 2016. Within Illinois this is a year when we will re- claim a US Senate seat, reclaim the State Comptroller’s office and pick up numerous legislative seats all across our state. National polls are also suggesting that 2016 could be a good year for the Democratic Presidential candidate and several Congressional candi- dates. If we work together, this could be a good year.

2016 is also going to be a good year for the IDCCA. There are several things in the works that I believe will help our organization grow and will provide valuable resources to each of the County. One resource that will be going into effect at the next General Membership meeting. I will explain later in this newsletter but we will be online streaming our General Membership meetings. This will allow every Chairman the opportunity to participate in our meetings without having to drive to Springfield.

We are also in the process of revamping our website. The new website will have resources like training videos, the entire 2016 Democrat- ic ticket (broken down by each county), an event calendar for fundraisers and trainings, and an online location for all information re- garding the 2016 Chairmen’s Breakfast.

The IDCCA Newsletter is will also continue to grow each month. I am looking at adding more information and training for each County Party. If there are any issues or training that you would like to see covered, don’t hesitate to let us know. We will also be highlighting positive things that our County Parties are doing. If there is something that you think we should know about, please let us know.

We have also drastically ramped up our social media presence. We are posting on Facebook three to four times a day. Our posts will be pro County Parties and Democratic candidates, anti-Governor Rauner and his misguided Turn- around Agenda and pro Organized Labor. Our social media is only as strong as you make it. If you haven’t already, please Like IDCCA on Facebook. If you’ve already Liked us, then share our posts on your personal Facebook page and your County Party Facebook page. The more people that see our information, the stronger our social media presence will be. Social media is an intricate part of mod- ern politics and each of you can play a role in this.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, you can reach me directly at dan@ildcca.org or ildemchairs@gmail.com. These are exciting times for IDCCA and the

Democratic Party. I hope each of you is getting ready.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dan Kovats
Executive Director



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