Announcing Go To Webinar

//Announcing Go To Webinar

Announcing, Go To Webinar for our next general membership meeting

We will have a new change for our next General Membership meeting. We will be streaming the meeting online through Go To Webinar. A couple of weeks before our next meeting each County Chairman will receive an email to register with Go To Webinar. You will then receive a log in and password to is specific to you. This log in and password is only for the County Chairman and should not be shared with anyone else. Only the County Chairman will have access to the online streaming of our meetings. Candidates or their representatives and other interested Democratic Party officials would still need to attend in person in order to participate in the meetings. This program will not be eliminat- ing the in person General Membership meet- ings. Attending our General Membership is still the best way to get all of the information from IDCCA.

In order to view the meeting, you will need the ability to view videos online and you will need consistent internet access. On the day of the General Membership meeting you will need to log into Go To Webinar prior to the start of the meeting. Once you have logged into the meeting you will be able to view the meeting. You will also be to participate in the meeting. You will be able to type in any questions or comments that you might have. Executive Director Kovats will be monitoring these questions or comments. He will share any information with the rest of the membership during the meeting. You will also be able to vote on any issues that come up during the meeting. During any votes a poll will pop up on your screen with all options for voting. Once voting has been closed Executive Director Kovats will share the online results with the rest of the membership during the meeting. You will also be able to down- load any handouts that are given out during the meeting.

The Executive Board will be doing a trial run with this program in January. After that we will hold a brief training for any County Chairman who is interested. This will be your opportunity to see what our meetings will be like and he will be able to answer any questions.

This is a new experiment for our organization. The goal of this is to increase partici- pation from County Chairman who are unable to attend the meetings. This is also a way for our organization to continue to improve with technology. We have the ability to be a strong organization and this will be a tool that can help make us stronger.