IDCCA Endorsements

//IDCCA Endorsements

Springfield, IL – On November 7, 2015 the General Membership of the Illinois Democratic County Chairman’s Association met in Springfield to discuss endorsements for the upcoming 2016 Primary Election. “It’s important that Democrats know who our organization is supporting and why we are going to work hard to get these individuals elected,” said IDCCA President Doug House. House added, “All of the candidates were qualified but former Secretary of State Clinton, Congresswoman Duckworth, and City Clerk of Chicago Mendoza stood above the others as the right candidates to lead the Democratic ticket in 2016.”

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is a native of Park Ridge, IL and has been a well-respected public servant her entire career. She served as Secretary of State under Illinois’ favorite son, President Barack Obama. Clinton was elected twice to the United States Senate to represent the State of New York. IDCCA President House said, “Secretary Clinton has been a tireless advocate for the middle class and has fought for the ideals of the Democratic Party. Clinton has a strong message that will unite the Democratic Party and will be able to bridge the gaps of the deep political divide in our country. The IDCCA is looking forward to helping Secretary Clinton carry Illinois and to help her become the first woman President of the United States.”

Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth (Illinois 8th) has been a fighter for Illinois long before she was elected to Congress in 2012. Duckworth served admirably as a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army. In November 2004 her helicopter was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade. She lost both of her legs during the attack. After Duckworth recovered from her injuries, she became a tireless advocate for Illinois veterans. She served as the Illinois Director of Veterans Affairs and the Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. She has also been an active voice for middle class issues facing our country. Drawing from her own middle class upbringing, she has fought for to make the lives of all Illinois residents better. IDCCA President House said, “Congresswoman Duckworth is an American hero and will be a great advocate for the State of Illinois. Her experience growing up in a middle class family and her military experience show that she is the fighter that we need in the U.S. Senate.”

Susan Mendoza

City Clerk of Chicago Susana Mendoza has built her career on being a watchdog for the residents of Illinois. She is the first woman City Clerk of Chicago when she was elected in 2011. Since then her office has been modernized to save taxpayers money and streamlined to reduce inefficiency. Mendoza’s office led the way on revamping the Chicago City Vehicle Sticker program to make it easier for residents. Prior to serving as City Clerk of Chicago, Mendoza served six terms in the Illinois House of Representatives where she was a champion for social services, education and law enforcement. IDCCA President House said, “Clerk Mendoza has a proven track record that will bring much needed changes to the Office of Illinois State Comptroller. In her time as City Clerk of Chicago, she has implemented monumental changes that have directly benefited the residents of Chicago. She also has a strong record with Organized Labor with a 92% voting record for the working men and women of Illinois. She is the right person to fight back against Governor Rauner and his misguided Turn Around agenda.”