Campaign Training

//Campaign Training

By Anna Valencia

Tips for a successful campaign:

  1. Take the time to plan it all out…BEFORE you hire your team.
  2. Can you raise the money needed?
  3. Do you have endorsements, volunteers, and grassroots support?
  4. What resources will you need to win?
  5. What is the landscape? Is it a good year for Democrats? Is it the right district that fits your views?
  6. DON’T spend any money until you have a campaign manager, plan and budget in place!!

Once you have answered some key questions, you are ready to build your team. Remember that you are putting your political career in the hands of others, so make sure you trust them and you can work with them 24/7. Whether you are running for County Board or United States Senator, it is important to have a good team of advisors that can offer different viewpoints. At the end of the day you must trust your advisors to help you make crucial decisions.

Make sure your team is organized and there is one person making the final decisions, either the candidate and campaign manager. The candidate will hear multiple voices throughout a race, but it is very important for a winning campaign that there be one clear voice that the candidate listens to and has the authority to make executive decisions.

At the end of the day, you must be able to make multiple decisions at the same time and move forward quickly executing.

When choosing a campaign manager make sure to look for someone who is:

  1. Trustworthy
  2. Personable and can manage a team of various personalities
  3. Organized
  4. Depending on what office you are running for, has previous leadership experience and has managed other people.
  5. Can successfully execute plans.