IDCCA / National Democratic Training Committee
2017 Candidate Boot Camp
Friday May 19th – Sunday May 21st
@ILDCCA @TrainDems

The Illinois Democratic County Chairmen’s Association is partnering with the National Democratic Training Committee to host our first ever Candidate Boot Camp! This three-day training will take place on Friday, May 19th through Sunday, May 21st at the Crowne Plaza – Springfield. The training will be geared towards individuals who are considering running for County Wide, County Board or municipal offices. Candidates will learn everything from putting together their campaign plan to how prepare for Election Day.

Candidates will go through training on four important areas including:

Field Operations
Digital / Social Media

There is no attendance fee for individuals to attend the training. If they choose to travel to Springfield for the weekend, they will be responsible for their own hotel room. We will send out information on the discounted room rate at the Crowne Plaza – Springfield.

Space will be limited to 60 attendees! Once an individual has signed up, they will receive a questionnaire about what office they are considering running for, why are they considering running and their involvement with their local County Party.
Candidates can sign up online at: